Content Couch Potato to Content Athlete! 

Social media these days seems divided by those fully into fitness culture, and those who….are not. Either way, it’s okay if you’re not as fit as you were pre-pandemic. A lot has happened in the world! However, how fit is your enterprise content? Is it fit enough to achieve what it set out to do? Does it have the desired impact? As it happens, there’s a lot of organizations with content operations that are sluggish on delivering business results, and are in dire need of better insights to improve the customer experience (CX). 

In 2021, 63% of B2B marketers reported content creation challenges as the main reason they weren’t as successful as they’d like to be. As a result, the customer experience that content is supposed to deliver, suffered. These marketers had what we call a case of “content-couch-potato,” where teams were putting a lot of time and resources into content, but it wasn’t possible to track how it improved customer experience, let alone prove ROI. But with a bit of guidance, it’s possible to turn content-couch-potatoes into content-athletes, fit for every stage of the customer journey. At Acrolinx, we’re constantly striving to help you create content that improves the customer experience. Why? Because a bad experience involving content is entirely preventable!

What’s Content Fitness?

Content fuels the customer experience, and is an essential part of customer service. Done well, it contributes to improved customer satisfaction and retention. In short, great content contributes to happy customers! But to really be successful, content must be high in fitness. That means it has certain qualities that make it fit to deliver a good customer experience. It should be:

  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Written in your brand tone of voice
  • Correct in terms of grammar and spelling
  • Accurate in its use of brand terminology 
  • Consistent across different content types
  • Inclusive of all people
  • Scannable and readable

Content Fitness helps improve the impact of enterprise content. It does that by analyzing how well your content meets your business goals, which depends on your business, industry, and target audience. Fit content isn’t just a one-season trend (Zumba anyone?). It’s content you can continuously analyze for various performance factors and update to meet customer expectations and desired business outcomes.

Content Fitness The Why Behind Performance

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CX and Content: An Entire Enterprise Challenge

Unfit content is a common enterprise challenge that goes beyond marketing or customer service teams. Enterprise content is only as fit as the weakest link, which means even if customer service teams publish great content, that awesome CX may not be consistent across other departments or content types. Left unattended it can lead to the following organization-wide content challenges:

  1. An inability to quantify the value of content to the business.
  2. Content that struggles to cut through the noise in a world of information overload.
  3. Few actionable insights on how to improve content to improve customer experience, and other business goals — despite plenty of data.

So as you can see, content fitness really describes a healthy, relevant, evolving, ecosystem of enterprise-wide content. It’s amazing content that improves the customer experience across every digital touchpoint because it’s relevant, findable, clear, and reliably consistent. 

Content Fitness vs Content Quality

Content quality is a partial measurement of essential content characteristics required for content to perform well. But too often, it means different things to different content creators. At Acrolinx we like to think of “quality” as a healthy baseline for good content, like good health. However good health, and optimum fitness are two different things!  Healthy content is void of spelling and grammar errors, and uses the correct terminology consistently, but it’s not guaranteed to generate business impact or boost customer satisfaction. Fit content on the other hand, is healthy and performance-ready, which means it’s customer-centric and inclusive at every stage in the customer journey. Anyone with enough editorial savvy can publish healthy, quality content, but content fitness should be tailored to your brand’s customer experience strategy.

How Technology Improves Content Fitness

Personalization of fitness workouts and programs are a thing these days, so why not a fully customizable solution to improve your content’s fitness?

In an increasingly digital era, it’s time to embrace modern, technology-driven forms of content governance to make sure your content has the impact it deserves. Ideally, a digital solution would be available anywhere people are creating content, in the authoring tools they use. A bit like your smart watch or other wearable devices, that help you to make informed decisions about your day, in real time, wherever you happen to be.

Content impact software adds velocity to your CX strategy. It keeps content creation dynamic — so you can be sure every content creator has access to the very latest standards about the way your enterprise communicates, and how that adds to and improves the customer experience.

Acrolinx: Your Fitness Tracker for Content

Acrolinx is a content impact platform that improves the quality and impact of enterprise content. Acrolinx is like a smart watch, a Fitness Tracker, for your content. It comes with you, wherever you write best, and provides transparency into your content fitness across all your digital touch points. With a simple click of a button, it measures, monitors, and guides your teams in real time to supercharge your CX through content, streamlining your ability to use data to optimize performance over time.

It’s never too late to improve your customer experience with fit content. Download our new eBook, Content Fitness: The Why Behind Performance, to get a detailed Acrolinx training plan and give your content a workout with just a few clicks. And if you like the guide, share your 2022 content fitness goals and tag Acrolinx via social media (E.g LinkedIn or Twitter)!

Content Fitness The Why Behind Performance

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