It’s So Good, Salesforce Uses It Themselves…

I recently joined Acrolinx, a Berlin-based software company with an AI-powered content improvement platform. And I’m incredibly excited about the potential of partnerships for this organization and our customers — especially our partnership with Salesforce.

Acrolinx helps Salesforce Knowledge users bring automated content checking standards directly into the workspace where knowledge workers can improve the quality, brand, and compliance of their content. They can measure it against a number of variables: something we call a content fitness test!

By connecting Salesforce and Acrolinx together, you create better brand-aligned content, at scale, right from the start. Salesforce and Acrolinx customers:

  • See greater content efficiency gains
  • Produce more content without increasing their budget
  • Meet compliance needs
  • Align content writers to follow brand guidelines

Thanks to Acrolinx, knowledge users spend more time creating valuable content, unlike with the traditional manual content checking and verification process.

A long standing customer of ours, Autodesk, has said about our solution: “No longer does an editor need to spend time reading an entire document and searching for those subtle areas that need targeted improvements. Acrolinx takes you right there and highlights the issue in context, so you can review and correct it as warranted.”

The potential use cases and business impact of Acrolinx can be huge. Salesforce uses our technology to solve a very different problem. In their words: “We’re using Acrolinx to help scale internal awareness and language updates in our technical content. The tool checks technical content against our list of non-inclusive terms, notifies users when a non-inclusive term is used, then suggests an inclusive alternative. Ultimately, the tool allows us to easily fix existing content and keeps our writers from reproducing deprecated, harmful language on an ongoing basis.”

Salesforce has a keen focus on creating and maintaining a company that their employees can be proud of, and Acrolinx is proud to play a role in this. If you’re looking for tips on how to make your own organization more inclusive, Bayly Mattes, the Salesforce EMEA Equalities program Director recently spoke on this topic as part of an Acrolinx roundtable

So, as we head into 2022, we’re thankful for our friends at Salesforce. If you’d like to know more, please have a look at our AppExchange page or get in touch with me at