Writing just got easier

We’re excited to announce, not one but, two new generative AI capabilities! Get Suggestions and AI Assistant makes writing and governing content easier, faster, and compliant with your enterprise standards. We’re not new to the AI game. In fact, we were born out of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) — so AI runs deep in Acrolinx’s DNA

With our newly launched generative AI capabilities, enterprises can maximize productivity benefits all while mitigating the risks that AI possesses. After a successful Beta program with over 20 enterprise customers, Get Suggestions and AI Assistant are publicly available to enable all organizations to use AI confidently and securely. 

Let’s dive into both new generative AI tools in more detail!

Get Suggestions

Get Suggestions expands Acrolinx’s quality improvement guidance into the writing process and enables writers to harness generative AI safely and effectively. 

With Get Suggestions, over 87% of your content improvement recommendations now provide writers with one-click fixes to align content to complex enterprise standards. Most enterprises document their standards in long, complicated style guides that span hundreds of pages. But with Get Suggestions you can save writers and editors time by improving content quality based on your organization’s style guide and content compliance needs with the click of a button.

AI Assistant

AI Assistant provides writers with a chatbot experience where they request the generation of content through an open text prompt. Content is then generated based on your company’s writing standards — mitigating the risk of other AI-generators that create content without the guidance of your company’s style guide.

As Acrolinx’s AI Assistant generates content that’s already aligned with your company’s writing standards. It also scores generated content to ensure it meets those standards — meaning you’ll save valuable time in the editing process

See for yourself the potential of both of Acrolinx’s latest AI capabilities in this video: 

We’re so excited to get these new capabilities into the hands of our customers! Especially to empower them to use AI confidently and securely. 

“With our largest customers writing billions of words a year, enterprises need a solution that offers security, compliance, and scalability,” said Volker Smid, CEO of Acrolinx. “Following a successful Beta program, we’re proud to bring Get Suggestions and AI Assistant to the market to help our customers integrate AI into their business strategy with guardrails to keep them safe from risk, while also staying true to the essence of their organization.”

Ready to use Acrolinx’s latest capabilities?

Acrolinx governs new and existing content written by people and generative AI. Whether your company has written 100,000 words or 1 billion (like our customer Microsoft), Acrolinx makes sure each one reflects your style guide.

If you’re as excited as we are about the potential of Get Suggestions and AI Assistant to improve your content writing and editing process, let’s talk! Or if you want to see these capabilities in action, sign up for this webinar.