Grammar can be divisive. It splits camps into the haves and have-nots, and leaves some feeling like a deeper understanding is out of reach. But the right resources can level the playing field. With so many options — including reading, interactive, and entertaining learning materials — it’s easy to customize a learning plan that addresses specific deficits and matches learning preferences.

In the list below, you’ll find everything from tried-and-true grammar resources to interactive options that are anything but stale. Prepare to be schooled on grammar.

Tried and True Traditional Resources

1. Ultimate List of Style Guides

Having a house style guide is essential for editorial teams of all sizes. Think of a style guide as a predefined set of guidelines and expectations that will ensure uniformity — both grammatically and tonally — in all of the content you produce.  Needless to say, if you don’t already have a house style guide, you should consider creating one. But where should you begin? This handy resource gathers all of the most established style guides for you, so you can choose the best one for your brand of writing.

2. Oxford Dictionaries

Not only is the Oxford dictionary the default dictionary of the AP Style Guide, but it’s also one of the most trusted dictionaries in use today. Its online version has a section that features tips, key concepts, and other fundamentals that will help with your grammar journey. You’ll find handy writing tools too, like a synonym-finder.

3. Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (Book)

No list is complete without mentioning the Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty. This bona fide grammar celebrity has gained fame for good reason; her lessons on grammar are impossibly easy to digest and always reader-friendly, no matter how complex the topic. Her book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their writing without the ability (or desire) to work through a dense textbook.

4. The Gregg Reference Manual

While literature on grammar isn’t in short supply, few books can equal the pedigree of The Gregg Reference Manual. It’s the go-to for professional and business writers, and it’s regularly updated to ensure that it remains current (and so the publication doesn’t lose its good standings with seasoned writers).

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Inventive Interactive Resources

5. Polysyllabic’s Grammar Quiz

Described as a “real” grammar quiz by its creators, this quiz doesn’t pull any punches. It’s intended to push the limits of the test-taker’s grammar knowledge. In its second edition, the original’s standards have been upheld, but there are all-new questions. This quiz isn’t recommended for the uninitiated. But for those who want a challenge, they’ll find a quiz that allows them to flex their grammatical muscles.

6. Grammar Exercises from Grammar Bytes

Grammar Bytes offers another handy resource for writers looking to expand their grammar knowledge. It features interactive grammar quizzes (of varying difficulties) that tackle everything from basic to advanced concepts. Exercises include sentence fragments, commas, and many more.

7. Grammar Games

For those who learn best when they don’t realize they’re learning, this resource removes the formality and replaces it with interactive fun. Through this grammar-based game located on the British Council’s website, players can learn about grammar essentials like tense, parts of speech, and effective sentence structuring, one game at a time.

Start with a quick review of the concept, and when you’re ready, move on to the interactive game found on that page (some lessons even feature multiple games). A built-in timer helps hasten things up so players have to rely on their instincts. American-English speakers should note that the game is based on British-English, which has a handful of differences when it comes to grammar guidelines.

Binge-Worthy Grammar Entertainment

8. Make Beautiful Grammar Music with Mr. A, Mr. C and Mr. D

Mr. A, Mr. C and Mr. D are teachers who combine the entertainment quality and teaching ability of music, with grammar, to create a can’t-miss resource for people tired of traditional learning. While it’s not entirely novel (we’ll discuss Schoolhouse Rock momentarily), it has proven to be effective. With a kooky origin-story and an equally eccentric host of characters, the teachers-turned-musicians do liven up what some may otherwise consider a pretty dry topic.

9. The Grammar Girl Podcast

Before her book, the Grammar Girl’s podcast was the grammarian’s single biggest claim to fame outside of her website. If you can’t get enough of the Grammar Girl’s lessons, her award-winning podcast is a must-listen. Not only that, but you can expect frequent episode updates so you’ll always be in-the-know. Tune in with your favorite podcast platform.

10. Schoolhouse Rock

Few educational, animated creations were as beloved as Schoolhouse Rock. Although the show was never limited to grammar, many of its most popular episodes were centered on it (the unforgettable “Conjunction Junction,” for one). Although the collection may seem dated in terms of production value, it’s certainly as relevant today as it was decades ago based on teaching potential. Check out YouTube to find all of the Schoolhouse Rock videos.

11. Grammar Bytes Videos YouTube Channel

While you’re on YouTube binging on all of those Schoolhouse Rock episodes, you should definitely check out Grammar Bytes’ YouTube Channel. The collection is filled with grammar lessons: interjections, punctuation, and more. Best of all, there’s no reading required.

Winning the War on Bad Grammar

Although these resources are designed to aid you in the fight against grammatical miscues, they don’t do the work for you. Acrolinx, on the other hand, is an AI-driven platform designed to ensure that each character of your content adheres to the strictest grammar standards. Find out more by taking a closer look at our platform or download our Grammar Guide for more tips.

The Grammar Guide for Busy People Wordy Stuff That You Forgot Since School

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