The era of generative AI is now

Nearly every enterprise is either using generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) or strategizing about how to use it. 

We know generative AI can streamline content creation and increase content velocity. But it’s not without major risks. Incorrect information, off-brand messaging, and even downright offensive content. 

These aren’t small inconveniences. They’re major legal, financial, and compliance risks that have the potential to cause real business problems. In the past, we’ve highlighted five tips for enterprises using generative AI, like ChatGPT, but now we’ve decided to go even further to help enterprises.

“Right now, millions of employees are experimenting with generative AI. They’re learning a lot about its potential to create content, but very little of this experimentation is guided or sanctioned by their enterprises. When we first encountered ChatGPT, we immediately knew our customers would need another layer of protection against generative AI risk before they could reap the benefits.”

Volker Smid, CEO of Acrolinx

Which is why we’ve created AI Enrich for Acrolinx — for enterprises seeking the productivity benefits of generative AI without the risk. Sounds too good to be true? Learn more about our latest offering below. 

Introducing AI Enrich for Acrolinx

A safeguard against generative AI risk is content governance. And we just happen to be content governance experts. 

Content governance is a systematic approach to capturing and digitizing your company’s content strategy. It measures your current content status and actively guides content creation to achieve your defined goals. This means your content is maintained over time and can also be improved by incorporating performance metrics.

Ultimately, content governance takes the key elements of your content strategy — your goals, priorities, and guidelines — and turns them into actionable content creation workflows, content processes, and metrics.

Acrolinx is combining content governance with the power of generative AI. Now, with our first-of-its-kind enterprise-grade solution, enterprises can confidently and safely use generative AI as part of their larger content supply chain.

With Acrolinx, any content, whether generated by humans or through generative AI, is aligned with enterprise strategy, analyzed for performance by audience and objective, and continuously improved for the highest enterprise impact.

AI Enrich for Acrolinx Generative AI Benefits Without the Risk

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But what does that mean? 

Well, AI Enrich for Acrolinx allows your business to partition and train AI on your content — and only your content, allowing employees to create new copy, generate texts, or improve its performance. So it’s like having ChatGPT, but just trained on content that uses your enterprise standards and guidelines. 

That’s a lot of information to take in. We’ve summarized the capabilities of AI Enrich for Acrolinx in the video below. Make sure to take a look to see how it works and how it can help your enterprise:

With an enterprise-grade solution, your organization can encourage and accelerate experimentation with generative AI, by governing which content collections to use to safely and securely train and retrain your AI model. This protects employee prompts and requests for new content using generative AI from random and risky external sources.

“Acrolinx customers will be able to train generative AI models on their very best content, segment it by intended use and target audience, and generate or improve audience-focused content with just a few clicks. We remain focused on using AI wisely, both to improve the quality and ongoing performance of content and to ensure its use in generative AI is governed with enterprise rigor.”

Volker Smid, CEO of Acrolinx

Better yet, Acrolinx can identify your best performing content, identify its quality standards, and use that content as training data for your AI model. Meaning you create more content that converts, informs, and engages your audience, based on your data sets. Now you can sleep easy knowing that your employees are using generative AI to create content. 

The best of both worlds

With AI Enrich for Acrolinx you get to reap the benefits of generative AI, all under the protection and enhancement of content governance. We’ll help you increase your content’s value by streamlining its creation, governing it against established writing guidelines, and improving its impact over time.

Are you ready to say goodbye to editorial bottlenecks, quality issues, budget overruns, and compliance risks from your content supply chain? Then it’s time to say hello to increased content velocity and production, all while meeting your brand standards from the first draft with Acrolinx. Never has it been safer to use generative AI technology in the enterprise — especially when your generative model is trained on your best performing content.

If you’re excited to trust in your generative content and want to learn more, you can see AI Enrich for Acrolinx in action and submit an application for our beta program here.

AI Enrich for Acrolinx Generative AI Benefits Without the Risk

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