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Your content is what shapes and solidifies your new identity post merger or acquisition. It’s the only thing that connects you to new prospects and maintains existing customers’ confidence. In short, it’s the glue that adheres two companies to one common goal. Sadly, poor governance over a chaotic content process is a contributing factor to the reason some mergers and acquisitions fail.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to automate large-scale changes to your content? And keep future content aligned with your evolving brand?

Learn how Acrolinx helps you:

  • Transform legacy content and align future content to your new brand strategy with just a few clicks
  • Instantly update your terminology across the entire enterprise
  • Define the tone of voice, style, and clarity of your content, so your internal teams and customers go through the transition phase without confusion
  • Make sure every piece of content is readable and legally sound


Cynthia Spiers

leads the content, digital, and product marketing team at Acrolinx. She brings more than two decades of marketing leadership to her role as Vice President, Content & Product Marketing. A lover of writing and all things content, Cynthia holds a BA from Connecticut College. She’s also a mom to three daughters and two adorable dogs.

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