AI-powered content creation = greater content velocity

Generative AI has quickly become a hot topic. As AI technology is advancing rapidly, companies are adopting generative AI to speed up and increase the volume of their content production. AI-powered content creation has the power to dramatically change the way we create content – and do business. 

What happens when content automation software allows for even faster content production? Creating more content, regardless of source, means someone needs to review and approve it. Generative AI increases content velocity in one area of content creation, but creates bottlenecks in another: reviewing it for compliance. 

With AI-generated content becoming more prevalent, it’s critical to make sure AI-generated content meets your quality and regulatory standards. After all, businesses already create hundreds, or even thousands of content pieces per month before generative AI. The struggle to keep up with the level of editing required to keep content aligned with your brand style, tone, voice, and messaging isn’t new. 

To match the level of scale AI-powered content creation can achieve, your enterprise needs automated content quality checks. Preferably those that are equally capable of checking large volumes of content at once, at different stages of the content lifecycle. 

Scalable content creation requires automated editing capabilities

Automated content quality checks use software to analyze and measure how well AI-generate matches your corporate style guide. That’s your content guidelines for the type of content and audience it’s intended for. These checks can assess the clarity and readability, grammar, tone, use of inclusive language, and overall effectiveness of the content. Without this review, businesses risk publishing low-quality or inaccurate content, which can damage their brand reputation and open up compliance risks as a result of product misuse.

Here are some reasons why automated content quality checks are essential for AI-generated content:

  1. Increasing accuracy and consistency

Automated content quality checks make sure the AI-generated content is accurate, aligned to your messaging, and consistent. It can check for any spelling or grammatical errors, detect any inconsistencies in tone, language, and approved messaging, and make sure the content follows any specific terminology and is compliant with regulatory standards. 

  1. Saving time and resources

Automated content quality checks significantly reduce the time and resources required for manual content reviews. With automated checks, you can review content at multiple stages before publication, which saves teams tremendous time and effort, because they’re not spending multiple review cycles making basic edits.

What’s more, automated checks can also find and highlight any outdated or irrelevant content. That allows your business to focus on improving the lowest performing content first. 

  1. Improving customer experience

Content is part of every stage in the customer lifecycle and critical to providing a positive customer experience. People are more likely to engage with content that’s well-written, accurate, and relevant to their needs. Automated content quality checks make sure that AI-generated content is primed to make the best possible impact. 

The most impactful content is consistently aligned to your brand, which, in turn, can improve user engagement and satisfaction. Because content that consistently uses your brand voice is memorable for your audience and it allows them to build a relationship with your products or enterprise.

For example, if generative AI creates content for a healthcare website, automated content quality checks make sure that the content:

  • Is structured in a scannable format
  • Uses correct medical terminology consistently
  • Provides accurate information in a way that’s easy for a non-technical audience to understand
  1. Maintaining brand reputation

Publishing low-quality or inaccurate content negatively impacts your brand reputation. Automated content quality checks make sure that the content created by generative AI offers a uniform content experience across many different channels and content types. That seamless experience helps maintain consumer trust – and your brand’s reputation.

What’s more, automated checks can identify and highlight any content that may be offensive or inappropriate. So your business avoids publishing content with non-inclusive language and consequently any potential reputational damage.

Acrolinx: Peace of mind at scale

To summarize, content automation software is incredibly powerful. Automated content reviews are essential for businesses that are adopting more and more AI-generated content. They can make sure that AI-powered content creation is accurate, consistent, and aligned to your quality standards, improving the customer experience and maintaining brand reputation with trustworthy and compliant content. With the right technology, you can set up enterprise governance over all your content in a holistic way. One that gives more time back to add value to your business where it matters most. 

Acrolinx is AI-powered software that improves the quality and effectiveness of enterprise content. Acrolinx customers increase their content’s value by streamlining its creation, governing it against established writing guidelines, and improving its impact over time. It almost goes without saying that like any enterprise-ready content solution, Acrolinx offers a way to insert automated content reviews into different parts of your content operation, and is as every bit scalable as your business needs to in the context of today’s fast-paced evolution of content. 

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