Are Editors Essential to Your Content Marketing Success?

Cynthia Spiers, who heads up content and digital at Acrolinx, relies on human content creators, but then everything is put through the company’s content optimization platform. “Powered by artificial intelligence, it ensures the content we produce is aligned to our content strategy.”


Scale Your B2B Content with Artificial Intelligence: Ideas and Tools Marketers Can Try

Artificial intelligence is at work all around us. And this “science of making machines smart” is beginning to open possibilities for B2B marketers who want to increase efficiency, boost performance, and create a competitive advantage. If you take away only one thing from this post, let it be: “Try it!” If you take away two things, let the second be “Don’t wait!”


Content, AI and Human Domination

When it comes to technology trends, much of the heat these days is around artificial intelligence or AI. And it seems there’s serious infighting among tech titans regarding AI – there’s one faction, led by Larry Page, that says AI can absolutely be developed with a “do no harm” edict, and then there are the doomsayers, led by Elon Musk, who say there’s a real possibility for AI to wipe out humanity on Earth altogether…perhaps as soon as 2050! Hence his rush to get to Mars.


Acrolinx Live-Streams Content Connections 2017 on Facebook

On May 15 and 16, 2017, Acrolinx is hosting its flagship conference Content Connections live in Berlin. For those who won’t be able to participate in person, Acrolinx is broadcasting the event on May 15 for audiences in the EMEA region and on May 16 for the German-speaking public.


This Company Uses Artificial Intelligence to Improve Content for Facebook, IBM, and Nestle

Artificial intelligence platform Acrolinx (@Acrolinx) employs machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to improve the content of some of the world’s biggest brands. Using Acrolinx, companies like Facebook, IBM, Nestle, and Boeing make their content better using AI-powered scoring and recommendations. Acrolinx also keeps tabs on how compliant content is with a company’s brand and standards.


Acrolinx Announces Content Connections 2017

Acrolinx today announced open registration for Content Connections 2017, its flagship event for content professionals. Bringing together a combination of industry thought leaders and content practitioners from some of the world’s best-known brands, the conference is designed to help participants better understand big trends in content.


How to put the kibosh on bad marketing clichés

Let’s face it, most marketers use clichés on a regular basis. And while there’s nothing really wrong with these words, they start to lose their value when people use them too much. Acrolinx CMO Chris Willis explains why it’s important to avoid clichés when you write, and offers suggestions on how to do it.


Why techies are an essential asset for the marketing team

Technical skills are now crucial for marketing teams. From database querying, front-end development, automation, modeling, and testing, there are a number of beneficial skills that techies bring to a marketing team in a tech-powered world. Read on to see what skills your team should have.


Acrolinx Named to 19th Annual EContent 100

Acrolinx is once again proud to be featured in the EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry.

“This may be the 19th annual EContent 100 list, but it’s the first time we’ve let readers choose the winners. Congratulations to the companies on the list who won the hearts and votes of their peers and customers.” — Theresa Cramer, Editor, EContent


How Can Brand Unleash the Power of CX

In this episode of Sweetfish Media’s B2B Growth podcast, Acrolinx CMO Chris Willis talks brand and how enterprises can keep theirs aligned, through the power of automation, for better customer experience.


Acrolinx Receives KCS Aligned Certification

Acrolinx today announced its AI-powered content governance platform has received the Knowledge Centered Service (KCSsm) Aligned designation from the KCS Academy of the Consortium for Service Innovation. In addition, Acrolinx now has a KCS V6 Certified practitioner focused solely on the company’s KCS solution.


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